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Promotional products and promotional items are those things that you give out to clients with your name and logo on them. Promotional items and promotional products are called many things like; Logo Items, Gift Items, Client Gift Items, Give away items, Giveaways, Freebees, Branded Items, Cheap Plastic Stuff, Trade Show Stuff, Trade Show Giveaways, Quality Gift Items, Executive Gift Items, Client Gifts, Client Items and so on.
Now with that said, the item can be; pens, hats, shirts, ties, bags, briefs, wine bottles, paper weights, and so on. Anything can be a promotional product or item to giveaway. ANYTHING!
If you can think of it or put your name and your logo on it... we can get it for you. As you can see promotional products and promotional items can go by many names. But, the bottom line is that a promotional product or promotional items has your name and your logo on it to get you noticed.
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