12 Pocket Business Card Wall Mounted Holder (Matching Trim)

12 Pocket Business Card Wall Mounted Holder (Matching Trim)
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12 Pocket Standard Business Card Wall Mounted Holder 
(Wild Cherry with Matching Trim Shown)   
An office is not complete without a business card holder either on your desk, a counter top, or even on the wall. These beautiful, wall mounted wooden business card holders are ideal for a clean waiting room. If your counter top is already covered in brochures and literature, move your business card holder to the wall! This 12 pocket wall mounted holder comes with matching trim, room for 50 cards per slot and the availability to pick from 5 different colors! 
Available Colors
Ebony Sand
Mahogany Impression
Township Maple
 Light Oak

Dimensions: 11 1/2"H X 3 1/2"D X 18 1/2"W
Product weight: 7 lbs  

Product Number: W-12
Price: $64.95

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