16 Pocket Business Card Holder -Tall (Matching Trim)

16 Pocket Business Card Holder -Tall (Matching Trim)
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16 Pocket Standard Business Card Holder -Tall
(Cherry with Matching Trim Shown) 
(Patent Pending)  
Each pocket holds 50 cards, there are 8 pockets per column and with our tall design there are two columns for a total of 16 pockets and 800 business cards! How is that for some convenient math? These sleek business card holders are great for decorating a front desk or waiting room table and they do a great job of complimenting your office décor.
This item is capable of holding up to 50 cards per pocket. 
Available Colors
Ebony Sand
Mahogany Impression
Township Maple
 Light Oak

Dimensions: 7 1/2"H X 10"D X 9 3/8"W
Product weight: 5.7 lbs  

Product Number: R-16H
Price: $74.95

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